About Me


I remember making my first couple of websites - learning HTML, making links red and text green, adding in images, dealing with GeoCities. I never thought it would be my profession, just something I'd do in my spare time before or after school for fun.

About 10 years after making my first website, I took my first position in the field as a Web Development Intern. I learned more HTML, more CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL and a variety of API services. I am now the Lead Developer at R&P Pools where my team and I handle several large eCommerce based websites developed on a completely custom platform (utlizating Code Igniter 3.0) in house.


Alongside my early love of web design and development came an interest in graphic design. I got my start making banners and logos for my websites early on with Adobe Photoshop 7. I fell in love with Photoshop and used in constantly at school.

With my new career path came heavy utilization of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I've created logos, album covers, stickers and banners. I've used Photoshop to create website concepts for clients and myself. With each new Adobe release, I find myself more and more engrained in utilizing their applications.


I've been recording music, playing music and singing since I was a young teenager. I currently play in a 3-piece synth pop band called Humble Braggers. I also produced the Buffalo-food based podcast Grain of Salt (formerly Eat It Up).

With a variety of professional equipment that is constantly expanding I have the capabilities to record smaller bands, vocal overdubs and podcasts. For example recordings you can visit these following pages: